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Microsoft 365 is a productivity powerhouse: a flexible suite of productivity tools, and an advanced intelligent security suite that will give you a unified solution. As great together as they are individually, you can mix and match Windows 10, Office 365, Teams and EM+S to suit your needs. And don't forget Copilot - it unites your applications and puts one of the most powerful AI productivity tools on the planet at your fingertips.

We can help with:
Migration | Optimization | Deployment

Bespoke Microsoft 365 Services

Having migrated and managed thousands of users you can rely on our team to provide the best service possible. We take the time to understand your business, so we deliver bespoke projects in the best way to meet your needs.

We can help with...

Migration: We can help you move your existing email, files, contacts, calendars, and other data to Microsoft 365 with minimal disruption and downtime. We'll also ensure you only pay for what you need.

Optimization: We can help you optimize your Microsoft 365 settings and features to enhance your security, productivity, collaboration, and innovation. We can also help you integrate Microsoft 365 with other cloud services and applications that you use.

Security: We can help you protect your Microsoft 365 data and devices from cyber threats, data breaches, and compliance issues. We can also help you implement best practices for identity and access management, data encryption, backup and recovery, and more.

Deployment: We can help you deploy and configure Microsoft 365 solutions such as SharePoint and Teams to improve your team communication, document management, project management, and workflow automation. We can also help you customize SharePoint and Teams to suit your specific business needs and goals.

With Climb Global Services, you can rest assured that your Microsoft 365 environment is in good hands. We have the experience, expertise, and certifications to handle any Microsoft 365 challenge.


Off-The-Shelf Microsoft 365 Services

Our experts are here to help you maximise your investment in Microsoft 365 so we offer services that can be deployed off-the-shelf.

Tenant to Tenant M365 Migration

Our Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration service allows the transition of users, data, and settings from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another. This service is useful for scenarios such as mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures where there is a requirement to consolidate or split the Microsoft 365 environment. We offer three versions of this service depending on what you need to migrate.

Exchange Email Migration

Our email migration service allows the transition of data, users, and settings from Google Workspace, On-Premise Exchange and other third-party providers to Exchange Online. This service will help you take advantage of the advanced security, reliability and control features in Exchange Online and simplify your IT infrastructure.

SharePoint Data Migration

Our SharePoint data migration service allows the transition of data from file servers or other cloud providers to SharePoint. This will help you benefit from the advanced security, reliability, and control in SharePoint and simplify your IT infrastructure.

Active Directory Migration

By migrating your user identity and authentication from on-premise Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure AD), you can take advantage high availability, simplified management, and user self-service.

Extra Added Value

Delivering a brilliant technical service is a must-have. What sets us apart are intangible benefits you gain from working with a partner that looks at your bigger picture.

Peace of mind

Whether you are looking for security accreditations or best practice to protect your business, we will review and advise on your security posture.


Through years of experience we have refined the best tools and processes for each scenario, meaning you will get the best service and your project deployed quicker.


Our team will work with yours to ensure that they have the skills or support plan to succeed post project.

Fully supported

Our team is available at every step to provide your teams the helping hand they need.


Proven experts

From redesigning your infrastructure and modernizing applications, to managing end points and enhancing your cyber security, our team of certified experts have you covered. Our team undergo regular training to ensure their hands-on experience it matched with the latest thinking and best-practice. With Climb Global Services, the technology that keeps you running is in safe hands.

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